About Us

African Chamber of Commerce for Pacific Northwest was founded in January 1998 by Peter Gishuru. The Chamber is committed to promoting black business growth in the Pacific Northwest through advocacy, education, and the facilitation of networking opportunities.

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All Services Under One Roof:

Benefits of membership in the African Chamber of Commerce for Pacific Northwest include: 

  • Access to networking opportunities to meet potential business partners and resource providers
  • Business referrals from within the ACCPNW network from members and stakeholders seeking Black-Owned service providers to engage.
  • Periodic, consolidated communication from ACCPNW regarding opportunities, events, and information to keep you informed about actional ways to grow your business.

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Our Team

Mr. Gishuru

President and CEO of the African Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest.

Mr. Gishuru, originally from Kenya, is the President and CEO of the African Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest. He graduated from Seattle University with a degree in science, specializing in chemistry. Mr. Gishuru has extensive experience in running small businesses. He was the owner of an African imports store at Pike Place Market and Bay Pavilion for 14 years and was the owner of a small real estate company for 7 years. For the past 17 years, he has run the African Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest, whose mission is to promote an environment of direct trade and investment between Africa and the Pacific Northwest of the United States and working to build and strengthen the business capacity of African immigrants and refugees in WA state.

One of the many highlights from his experience in trade and politics was in 1999, when he co-chaired the WTO African Event during the 2nd WTO Ministerial meeting in Seattle. The event attracted over 400 attendees, including trade ministers and ambassadors. In February 2000, Mr. Gishuru participated in a five day summit in Washington, D.C., helping to finalize the National Policy Plan of Action for US-Africa relations in the 21st century. In 2010, Mr. Gishuru was awarded a certificate of appreciation, from the U.S. Department of Commerce, for achievements in trade and business development. During the course of his time with the African Chamber of Commerce, he has overseen networking events, trade missions, and the annual Africa Day Business Forum. The forum has seen such notable speakers as Bill Gates Sr. and the ambassadors from many African countries. He is a former board member of the Africa Society of the National Summit on Africa.

Moussa Samb

Moussa Samb is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in both the nonprofit and private sectors. Expert in financial analysis, auditing, budgeting, management, administration with analytical strong skills. Strong administrative and business operations professional with a Master’s degree focused in Non Profit Leadership (MNPL) and doctoral studies in Business Management & Organizational Development.

Joyce Karangi


Joyce Kirangi is the owner of Joyce Kirangi, CPA, LLC. Her firm was incorporated in 2019 and it provides accounting and auditing services. Joyce has over 20 years of cross-functional audit experience working with government organizations in the State of Washington. 

Prior to starting her CPA firm, Joyce was the director of internal audits for the Port of Seattle. There she established the Port’s internal audit department. 

Prior to joining the Port of Seattle, Joyce was an audit manager for the Washington State Auditor’s Office. There, Joyce oversaw and led a team of auditors and several consultants who conducted financial, performance, operational, and accountability audits throughout Pierce County and southern King County.

Dr. Benjamin Omara Abe

Board Chair

Dr. Benjamin Omara Abe (Emeritus UNAA BOT Member) is Professor Emeritus, Anthropology Department, North Seattle Community College and founding member and Chairman of the Board of the African Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle.

He is also Uganda’s Deputy Honorary Vice Consul for Washington State. Dr. Abe was born and raised in Gulu, Acoli, Uganda. He immigrated to the U.S. in the 1960’s, completed his education and joined the faculty at North Seattle Community College in 1970.

Dr. Matondo Wawa


Dr. Matondo Wawa is an uncommon leader that inspires people and projects across public and private sectors and has the depth and breadth of experience to bring numerous visions into reality.
A leader in education, trade, commerce, and business – he is an adjunct professor at the School of Business at St. Martin’s University in Olympia, Washington and a visiting professor in multiple disciplines across the Pacific Northwest in the U.S. – and also attained one of the highest levels of senior leadership in the U.S. Army with over 20+ years as an educator and advisor to junior enlisted soldiers.

Dr. Wawa has spent a lifetime bridging communication through economic empowerment for African countries – with a focus on Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, and Guinea Bissau.

He employs extensive experience in project management, business development, operation, and motivational speaking, security and military policing, logistics, and lean process methodology.

He leverages close ties to political leaders internationally to build transnational and economic relationships throughout Africa.

An organizer and developer of educational plans, lectures, and conferences in the collegiate arena, Dr. Wawa engages in education, commerce, trade relations, and community connections across Coastal and Central Africa.

A multi-lingual speaker (English, French, Lingala, and Kikongo) and a global citizen – his initiatives in education, commerce, trade, and community exchange are fostered by a deep and abiding commitment to improve the communities which he has called home – and create new and mutually beneficial relations between the communities of Washington State and African business, trade, and culture. With a Doctoral degree in Leadership Management, an M.S. in Institutional Management and Healthcare, and numerous certifications in Six-Sigma, Project Management, and Business Communications; Dr. Wawa is a published author in subjects ranging from micro-businesses and start-ups in the developing world as well as Power Through – “Specific Success Strategies for Solopreneurs Who Want to Change Your Destiny One Day at a Time.” A successful “solopreneur”, Dr. Wawa has built, led, and scaled businesses that serve a vast array of diverse communities – including veterans, faith leaders, educators in the U.S. and abroad, trade councils and tourist associations, entrepreneurs, and start-ups in Africa and the United States.


Career Highlights:

Aisha is an entrepreneur & advocate for women of all ages, with stories of wealth and culture. As a native of The Gambia in Western Africa, Aisha embodied the global presence after she moved to the US in 1994. Aisha embarked on her professional journey with T-Mobile US, Microsoft, Amazon and worked in Senior Level roles in Human Resources. In 2012, Aisha was part of the digital economic effort through Slim Trader, which supported unbanked communities in West Africa. 

Aisha’s Entrepreneurial Drive to Success:

The Sahel Group LLC- Facilitates business deals in minerals, real estate as well as business consultancy both in Africa and Asia.

The Sahel Agri Group LLC- Focuses on helping & working with her brothers and sisters in Mother Africa. Imparts practices that increase sustainable agriculture with modern farming techniques & value-added services that can empower female farmers and combat food insecurity and reduce poverty.

Platform for the Empowerment of African women (PAAF)- Co-Founder & Vice President

CEO of Kerr Futa- Moringa Organic Farm Collective & Agro Processing Group, based in Gambia. 

Personal Journey:

Aisha’s journey as an entrepreneur and a single mother of a child on the autism spectrum honed her advocacy and resourcefulness, which has served her well as she shifted her focus on helping & working with her brothers and sisters in Mother Africa.

Aisha’s purpose is community empowerment by ensuring that women and girls have autonomy over their own lives. Aisha has had incredible results through her non-profit work and women-centered coaching business that supports leaders looking to elevate their life’s journey.

Cyril Faulkner