About Us

African Chamber of Commerce for Pacific Northwest was founded in January 1998 by Peter Gishuru. The Chamber is committed to promoting black business growth in the Pacific Northwest through advocacy, education, and the facilitation of networking opportunities.

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All Services Under One Roof:

Benefits of membership in the African Chamber of Commerce for Pacific Northwest include: 

  • Access to networking opportunities to meet potential business partners and resource providers
  • Business referrals from within the ACCPNW network from members and stakeholders seeking Black-Owned service providers to engage.
  • Periodic, consolidated communication from ACCPNW regarding opportunities, events, and information to keep you informed about actional ways to grow your business.

Make sure to step in and create a successful journey in your business. We assist you in the whole process and provide plenty of opportunities for you. We come with precise and the best strategies. Chamber commerce is a mandatory tool to enrich the development of your business.

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If you are a start-up entrepreneur, you are most welcome to join us, to gain information and exposure with all about the economic plans and strategies for your company. To make your business network expand, we will help you in all the steps. Gradually, you can gain more fame in your locality as the best business venture.

More than 80% percent of small scale businesses rely on our services and exhibit enormous growth in their business. The main purpose to unite with the local chamber is to show the market that you are one of the best ventures that provide the best services. Join our membership and experience the best, top quality services.