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African Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific North West

To make sure your business is being protected, Business chamber content is significant. The African Chamber of commerce Northwest is mostly working with the development of the business community.

Africa Day

We are here to assure your business’s environment is good. An important reason is to make every local business approaching us grow and reach its desired zenith.

What’s With Us?

At the African chamber of commerce, we provide the best services and events to make sure your business is at the right place, and to create more and more opportunities for you and your company. Our main objective is to make your business meet the right advocacy needs and demands. ACCPNW ensures that your business is receiving the best deals and various programs. There are many services that will assist your business to reach out to many business activities.

Promoting your business is your ultimate aim, right?  To make this right, we are here to help you. We will help represent the ACCPNW members and offer the best shape policy. In addition to this, the Chamber of Commerce will give you a great credibility and reach many clients. You will also receive a newsletter stating the member information, and local business community information.

Why Is It So Important?

African Chamber of commerce pacific northwest is also mandatory to get many official referrals for local businesses. And once you are enlisted in the chamber news-less list, you can get in contact with all the local businesses and your company can be enlisted in the chamber publications.  

Also, the Chamber of commerce will make maximum use of their resources and enlighten the betterment of the business.

ACCPNW plans to make the STATE resources available for the African community in the Pacific Northwest. These resources will help the community to set up a huge economy for the growth of business.

We’re All Here for You – Stay Connected:

Are you worried about choosing the best chamber commerce platform? We are here for you, entrepreneurs. We will help you reach out to many programs and events that will help you highlight your business. We are the Bridge between where the resource are and where resources are needed. Connecting The African Region with the Pacific Northwest.

So, if you want your services and business to reach the world, then reach out to The African Chambers of Commerce pacific Northwest.

If you are here to step into our office, you are always welcome. For further doubts and queries, contact us. You can also reach us through social media platforms. Subscribe to our ACCPNW mailing list, subscribe, and stay updated.


We Are Committed to helping our partners overcome any challenge and attain spectacular results.

We represent, advocate, and provide support for African American businesses in Washington through civic engagement, state government involvement, promotion of trade and investment, and encouragement of digital transformation of business spaces. ACCPNW and our members continue to contribute positively to a robust economy for the whole community.