We foster bigger, deeper relationships and lasting connections with key leaders and businesses in other regions and countries for the betterment of the African and Pacific NorthWest regional economies.

We also engage business leaders in the fastest-growing economies on their thinking, operations, and best practices.

Connect with our region’s business community through networking, professional development, and policy events each year and maximize the value of your membership.

We aspire for an economically vibrant and globally competitive region where companies of all sizes flourish and prosperity is shared. Invest in the success of the region and stay current on issues that impact your business and the region.

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A Premier Networking Organization

We provide access to civic leaders, industry experts, and real-time information about the problems that affect you and your company while improving leadership skills through our learning, leadership and entrepreneurship training programs. We are a premier networking organization for business. We connect businesses with sales opportunities, potential employees, and social engagement. We are community partners and champions for projects, initiatives and communities who make our region globally competitive as well as a great place to work and live.

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