We forge robust, long-lasting relationships and impactful connections with influential leaders and businesses spanning different regions and countries. This contributes to the growth of both the African and Pacific Northwest regional economies.

Moreover, we engage with business leaders from rapidly expanding economies, gaining valuable insights into their strategies, operations, and best practices. Joining us means accessing our region’s vibrant business community through a variety of networking, professional development, and policy events held annually, ensuring you make the most out of your membership benefits.

Our goal is to nurture an economically dynamic and globally competitive region where businesses of all sizes can thrive, and prosperity is widely distributed. By investing in the region’s success, you’ll stay informed about critical issues affecting both your business and the broader community.

We also actively engage with business leaders in the fastest-growing economies to understand their perspectives, operations, and best practices. Join our region’s business community through networking, professional development, and policy events held annually, and make the most of your membership.

We aim for a region that is economically vibrant and globally competitive, where businesses of all sizes prosper and prosperity is shared. Invest in the region’s success and stay informed about issues impacting both your business and the community.

Regular Conferences

A Premier Networking Organization

We offer unparalleled access to civic leaders, industry experts, and real-time insights into the challenges impacting you and your company. Through our learning, leadership, and entrepreneurship training programs, we aim to enhance your leadership skills and provide valuable insights.

As a premier networking organization for businesses, we facilitate connections that lead to sales opportunities, potential hires, and meaningful social engagements.

But we go beyond networking. We actively engage with the community as partners and advocates, championing projects, initiatives, and communities that boost our region’s global competitiveness and quality of life. Our commitment is to make our region not only a great place to work and live but also a thriving hub for businesses.

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