1. Port of Seattle Tourism Marketing Promotion Program

Our strategic social media and online marketing advisement campaign promotes the State of Washington to visitors and tourists from Africa who arrive via SEATAC International Airport.

The campaign includes a user-friendly, easy-to-read content. It also includes accessible platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and regular communications through emails, phone calls, and other outreach tools, all with the goal of reaching businesses, embassies, trade organizations, tourist organizations, travel agencies, and international institutions to promote trade between Africa and the US. Our goal is to attract more visitors and increase their understanding of, and arouse their interests in the rich touristic and business opportunities of the State of Washington.

2. Commerce – Small Business Resiliency Network (SBRN)

Small Business Resiliency and recovery program, provides ongoing and accessible outreach, technical assistance and other business support services at no cost to entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofits – with an emphasis on those owned by historically marginalized and underserved persons. Currently, the program is recruiting new businesses to join a cohort of other small businesses.

3. Drayage Truck Technology and Climate Change Program

African Chamber of Commerce helps Drayage truckers to navigate moving from carbon to clean energy. We also provide skills and connect with the resources needed to run a successful trucking business. 

Specifically, ACCPNW provide outreach and engagement efforts with African Port drayage truck drivers to understand current business constraints, provide updates about the ICCT project, climate policy goals, emerging technology solutions and explore new business models for truck ownership/operation that can transition drivers to new, cleaner technology while maintaining or increasing their level of take-home pay.

4. Community Navigator Program

The chamber’s program team is working with teams of the Port of Seattle, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, and other stakeholders to design the Community Navigator Program. 

The Port of Seattle already approve funding to launch Community Business Connectors, an innovative two-year pilot program with the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce aimed at providing direct service to underserved small businesses across King County. The Community Business Connectors program will work like a help desk for small businesses, assisting them with referrals to a range of resources. 

5. African Business Innovation Center

The African Business Innovation Center (“ABIC”) is a cutting-edge trade center designed to foster innovation in business through technology as well as promote transcontinental trade and investment that spurs economic growth between the Pacific NW and Africa. The African Business Innovation Center (“ABIC”) (“Project”) is a symbol of the advances in technology, globalization, and economic power within African business industry. 

    The African Business Innovation Center (“ABIC”) (“Project”) will be a sustainable real estate development in accordance with LEED Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design standards. The African Business Innovation Center (“ABIC”) (“Project”) consists of both public and private facilities. Private sector development will play a crucial role in transformation of the regional economy by introducing new technologies and efficiencies in management, production, and marketing to compete both in the regional domestic and international export markets. Public sector development strengthens institutional and infrastructural support services to business industry that enables private enterprises to be innovative and continue their growth and assist in building their capacities and capabilities to adopt competitiveness and connectivity; resulting in their advancement in the market and allowing them to benefit from the growing world market.

    6. City of Seattle Truck Electricity Program

    Now is the time to move your fleet forward with electrification, and Seattle City Light is here to help. From fleet advisory services to charging solutions, our team offers free, expert guidance at every step on your journey to electrification. Work with us to save up to 50% of the costs for eligible charging infrastructure.