The ACCPNW offers workshops to local minority-owned business owners and delegations from Africa

ACCPNW is a resource for companies, organizations and individuals who wish to:

  • Learn about business opportunities in Africa
  • Understand the regulatory aspects of doing business in Africa and how to finance exports
  • Access all of the programs and resources available to reach your business objectives

Chamber Services Include:

  1. Trade information on commodities, partners, and potential customers
  2. Marketing ideas and resources
  3. Establishing partnerships with other related organizations
  4. Planning trade and investment programs
  5. Training for small and medium size businesses, especially minorities, women and immigrants, to identify opportunities in emerging markets
  6. Organizing trade missions to Africa
  7. Assistance for incoming delegations organizing contacts and hospitality
  8. Periodic conferences to bring trade partners together
  9. Education of the public on Africa trade advantages
  10. Support for African trade and investment with State and Local governments

African Chamber of Commerce members include both small and medium sized businesses engaged in both international and domestic business, as well as non-profit organizations and individuals interested in investing in Africa.

To explore how these services can work for you, simply contact the ACCPNW for a personal consultation.

Peter Gishuru
President/CEO, ACCPNW