About the Chamber

March 2017 Business Promotion Networking Breakfast


The African Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest (ACCPNW) is a membership based, non-profit organization. Our mission is to promote an environment of direct trade and business prosperity between Africa and the Northwest United States. We also work to build and strengthen business capacity for African immigrants and refugees residing in Washington State by providing free business seminars to local minority business owners. Training courses range from the process of starting and sustaining a business to the techniques of effective business development.


ACCPNW was established in January of 1998 and held the First Annual Africa Day Business Forum during the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Meeting in November of 1999. During the past ten years, ACCPNW has continued to establish itself as a focal resource for business partnerships between Africa and the Pacific Northwest.

ACCPNW has partnerships with government trade related organizations and local non-profits as well as a strong network in the local business community. We are a resource for information on U.S. and African trade policy, and an advocate for Africa’s increasing trade potential.

Workshop with women entrepreneurs

The majority of our members are African immigrants who currently reside in the Pacific Northwest. The ACCPNW is committed to building and strengthening business capacity for African Immigrants and Refugees residing in Washington State. Many of whom are business owners interested in developing trade and business opportunities with their homeland. We also have an active American membership, these are people who are interested in developing trade and investment opportunities in the many emerging markets across Africa.

ACCPNW has a solid membership base and is continuing to expand. Become a member today!