May Business Promotion and Networking Breakfast

For the May business Promotion and Networking Breakfast meeting, we had Young African entrepreneurs walk us through their ground breaking success into their growing businesses. Biogen Kenya Limited and Joelex Uganda Limited are social entrepreneurs, impacting the society while making profit. Biogen Kenya Converts used cooking oil into biodiesel, making about 500 liters per day of biodiesel and at the same time assisting the hotel industry comply with government regulations on disposal of used cooking oil.
Joelex Uganda Limited is focused on constructing bathrooms in the slums for affordable rates thus making profit as they improve the livelihood of the people within these areas.
Africa Business Radio founder Mr.Soji has profound information on investing in Africa the right way. Advocating for partnership with the African businesses instead of a take over.
For more information, feel free to contact ACCPNW.

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